With the current situation with COVID-19 we have temporarily CLOSED our doors. This will be until further notice. Please check our website for any further updates in the coming weeks, or head to our Registration page to subscribe to our newsletter where we will send out updates as and when we have them. We are now Live Streaming classes and we are working on some on demand class videos for our members to access. Head to our Schedule page to join our live streamed classes. Stay up to date with Fierce Grace and our teachers by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please stay strong, stay safe and stay happy through these uncertain times.

Feel free to email us at info@fiercegracequeenstown.com with any queries or concerns.

  • The studio is brand new with a high quality, reliable heating and ventilation system designed specifically for Queenstown’s constantly changing climate. We are located on the first floor where we provide a large, spacious area to practice yoga, changing rooms with showers, hairdryers and hair straighteners. We have a large lounge and shop area for use throughout our trading hours.

  • Fierce Grace is the only integrated yoga class system available. It is a series of classes designed to deliver fitness, health and vitality while keeping you motivated, interested and challenged. “The Fierce Grace system is really one class presented in many different ways” – Michele Pernetta, Founder. The six classes we are offering at Fierce Grace Queenstown –Fierce Grace, The Fix, Deep Core, IN, Primal and S.O.B. – are linked by the same foundation postures so you can choose which class suits your schedule or what you want to work on. Whatever class you do you will help with the muscular and skeletal improvements that naturally occur as you progress your yoga practice. These improvements are essential to maintaining and developing your core strength and flexibility. Fierce Grace is designed from the founding principle that yoga is open and suitable to all, whatever your age, shape, size, fitness or flexibility. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our classes will challenge and stimulate you. They will reward you with enhanced health, fitness and vitality. If you have any special medical condition or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform the teacher before class begins.

  • Our studio opens 30 minutes before every class. Please see our class schedule for class times.

  • The studio is heated for all of the classes, which allows you to stretch further, safer as well as stimulating circulation and promoting sweat, which is great for your skin and de-toxifying.

  • Wear something which is comfortable, allows you to move freely and is not too loose because you are going to sweat a lot! We recommend shorts or leggings and a sports vest or crop top for women; and shorts with or without a t-shirt for men.

  • You should bring two towels (one to put on the mat and one to shower afterwards) and a large bottle of water. But don’t worry – if you forget or prefer, we have them for hire or sale at reception.

  • We recommend not eating for two to three hours before class but to drink plenty of water because you are going to do quite a bit of stretching. This is best done on an almost empty stomach but well-hydrated. During class, take regular small sips of water to moisten your mouth and feel comfortable.

  • No – not at all. Fierce Grace is designed for all, whatever your level of fitness or flexibility. If you are not fit or flexible, this is the perfect place for you to restore and maintain your natural fitness and flexibility! You will be amazed how quickly your flexibility and fitness are improved.

  • If you have any special medical condition or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform the teacher before class begins. We encourage you to be your own teacher, so listen to your body and how you are feeling and what your body is telling you. Yoga rewards persistence and hard work, but it is equally important to rest and recover when you need to.

  • Always try to arrive at least 15 minutes before class so you can get ready and settled in the studio. Classes will start on time, and latecomers will generally not be admitted as this will disturb others. Once in the yoga studio, please observe that it is a quiet space, so please do not talk. Mobile phone are prohibited in the studio room. Place your towel on the mats provided and collect blocks and/or straps from the shelving, if required. During class, feel free to take as many breaks as you feel are necessary – but always remember that the more breaks you take the less benefits you will get! When the class is over, please feel free to continue relaxing and meditating. Remember to leave the yoga studio as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others who are completing their class in their own way. Please hang your used mats on to the provided hanging rails and rented towels into the baskets on your way out.